Car is one of the most intricate machinery and repairing it with the exact way is more challenging. But we make it easy for our clients with our expertise in this field. Servicing your car with expert technician increase longevity of your car and avoid any upcoming failure which ultimately saves your precious time and money. At the time of breakdown or regular servicing of the car, we provide a facility of toeing or pickup of car to our client. So you do not need to perplex if any starting or moving failure occurs in your car. We provide the best solution to your car by maintenance, diagnostics and replacement following parts in the car at the time of preventive and breakdown maintenance

(i)                  Charging System: If your car is not getting started then there may be problem of alternator, wiring, charger, or battery. We have specialized electric technician for this issues who try his best to seek ought this problem and if the problem is still not solved as required then all parts for replacement are also available.

(ii)                Braking System: Autohub Pakenham can perform on any car if it has a braking problem. Whether your brake is slipping, vibrating, or pulling to one side then we will solve all these issues in no time. If the thickness of the pad and rotor is not as per specification or not in shape then we make it replace with the same genuine part.

(iii)               Cooling System: Autohub Pakenham can handle repairing of all types of cooling systems. Whether it is a clogged fan or jammed pipe of lubricant, we have equipped with all advances to cop up these issues.

(iv)                Transmission Repair: We can perform all types of malfunctioning in the transmission system of your car. Whether it is cable issue, issue with gear meshing, misalignment of the shaft or clutch engaging problem, we are ready to cop up with all advances in our technique and equipments.  

(v)                Engine and Exhaust repair: Engine is the main working part of the engine and any defects in its structure or function can cause catastrophe to your vehicle. There may be a small issue of leakage due to gasket or major issue as cranking but you not need to worry if you are at Autohub Pakenham. We have a specialised technician who is dedicated to working on the engine. Apart from this any problem in exhaust duct or in filters can also be detected and solved at our service station.