Logbook services are servicing your car as directed by the manufacturer of the automobile. Generally, the manufacturer directs there customer to service their car on an interval of 10000-15000km or twice a year. Making servicing your car at a specified interval increase the life of the car, increase its resell value, and reduce any fault which may occur during your comfort driving.

During logbook service, we assured that no parts of your car lose its specification as specified by the manufacturer’s warranty specifications. So if any part needs replacement under warranty scheme then we make it replace with the manufacturer directly so that you not need to pay for new parts. If you opt for logbook service at Autohub Pakenham then we will provide you another car while your car is getting servicing in our work station.
Apart from this if your car is out of warranty then you can opt for a new logbook servicing scheme which covers your car under warranty. This avoids any costly replacement of your car in the future. You can choose your desired interval of your car as per your requirements.